Will Smith‘s live looks have actually been scarce given that in 2015’s Oscar occurrence, however it appears that he was expected to make the greatest go back to the general public eye in nearly a year as part of this year’s Grammy Awards however took out of the look. While this led some to quickly hypothesize on the factor for Smith’s no-show, it appears that there is an extremely easy factor behind his side-stepping of the occasion.

While the Grammy Awards commemorated 50 years of hip-hop with a homage being created for the occasion, speaking with Variety on the red carpet, Questlove validated that Smith had actually been set up to be part of the area, however in the end needed to take out. Questlove stated:

“I’ll give the spoiler alert away. Will Smith was a part of the festivities tonight, but they started shooting Bad Boys 4 this week.There were a lot of preliminary shots that he had to do, so we had to lose Will.”

It is coming near a year given that Will Smith sent out a shockwave all over the world by slapping Chris Rock over a joke made at the 2022 Academy Awards event. While that resulted in Smith being briefly blacklisted, a variety of tasks postponed and a 10 years restriction from participating in any Academy occasions, the star has actually gradually made his method back into the general public domain, which consisted of recently’s statement that Bad Boys 4 is lastly moving on.

Will Bad Boys 4 Be The Big Hit Will Smith is Hoping for?

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys For Life

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence struck box workplace gold when they launched Bad Boys for Life back in 2020, when thanks to the arrival of the Covid pandemic not long after its release, the belated follow up ended up being the highest-grossing motion picture of the year. After taking $426.5 million at the around the world ticket office, a follow up was constantly most likely to follow, and was anticipated to take the franchise to even higher heights. However, in 2015’s Oscars slap threatened to hinder the follow up. However, Sony Chairman Tom Rothman dealt with the reports of a cancelation in 2015, stating:

“[Bad Boys 4] That movie’s been in development and still is. There weren’t any brakes to pump because the car wasn’t moving. That was a very unfortunate thing that happened [at the Oscars], and I don’t think it’s really my place to comment, except to say that I’ve known Will Smith for many years, and I know him to be a good person. That was an example of a very good person having a very bad moment, in front of the world. I believe his apology and regret is genuine, and I believe in forgiveness and redemption.”

It appears like that redemption has actually lastly come, and Bad Boys 4 is motion picture ahead. While there is presently no word on when the movie will be launched, it appears that shooting is on the edge of beginning, which would suggest we can most likely anticipate the motion picture to get here at some point in 2024.