Willem Dafoe is set to star in the survival thriller movieInside The movie directed by Vasilis Katsoupis and composed by Ben Hopkins will be evaluated at first at the Panorama area of the Berlin Film Festival today and will have its theatrical release on March 17. Inside will display Dafoe’s flexibility as the movie sees the star restricted in an apartment or condo alone till completion.

Willem Dafoe will star as an art burglar called Nemo in the 100 minute movie. Nemo chose to go into the New York penthouse of a collector in look for some important art pieces. Unknown to him, the penthouse is geared up with sophisticated innovation.

With the modern center of the collector’s home, Dafoe’s character was caught inside after the security system locked the apartment or condo down. With absolutely nothing however art pieces around, he might just count on his survival impulse. He’s delegated use his shrewd and creation to make it through.

The star exposed that the month-long recording for the film was a ruthless endeavor where he’s simply handed a script by the director however it’s simply truly a plan for his character on the movie. Due to this, the star needed to improvise a lot and director Katsoupis offered Dafoe liberty on how to respond and perform his character. They were likewise checking out concepts throughout the recording.

Willem Dafoe On His Character Portrayal and The Chronological Shooting of the Film

Inside 2023 - Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe admitted that when he accepted the task, he had no concept about the backstory of his character. He informed Variety, “I entered this thing not really knowing who this character is, and not really interested in developing backstory. This is so stripped down and so elemental, that it addresses something beyond a psychology. It really is about: Lock yourself in a room. What do you need? What do you think? What do you reflect on? What do you miss? What do you want? It was all those things.”

The movie was obviously shot in a sequential order which assisted the star much better depict his character. He stated “When you’re shooting in chronological order, you’re not thinking so much about the past. You’re not thinking about the future. It allows you to be present in a different way. We were really dealing with the reality of having this adventure, of being locked in this place. And then taking on the challenges that this house started to present to us.”