You season 4 part 1 has actually been called out for its hugely inaccurate location. The series, which is adjusted from the Caroline Kepnes unique series of the exact same name, follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as he stalks different ladies in various places consisting of New York City, Los Angeles, and the imaginary Northern California suburban area ofMadre Linda The brand-new season, which dropped its very first 5 episodes on February 9, follows Joe in concealing in London, with the very first episode tracking his walk house from his brand-new task as an English teacher.

Today, Netflix UK & Ireland published on their authorities Twitter account calling out this You season 4 part 1 scene for its accurate errors.

Included with a quote from Joe stating he does not mind the walk is a map that traces his course from Royal Holloway University to South Kensington, where he lives. The Google ETA service exposes that taking this path on foot would in fact take more than 9 hours, rendering it a difficult commute even for an experienced stalker.

Why Movies and TELEVISION Fudge Geography All the Time

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg overhead shot from You Season 4

While this error is amusing, You is far from the only movie or tv home to function location that does not map effectively onto reality. This is an issue that has actually pestered whatever from the low-budget bad-good gem The Room, which includes characters relatively teleporting around San Francisco, to the renowned comedy Seinfeld, which sees the characters speeding through different New York City districts in record time.

Ultimately, location does not exist in movies and tv in the method it carries out in reality. The bulk of interiors are shot on soundstages where the outside doors and stairs either result in no place or a big storage facility area. Scenes where characters take a trip from one space to another can in fact occur in totally various structures.

Projects are likewise restricted by what real-life places they’re enabled to movie in, as consent in addition to the spending plan and capability to clear the area and fill it with video cameras and additionals. Due to how complex it is to get a real-life place onscreen, even popular programs like You need to fudge what they reveal onscreen. Productions hope audiences will be too swept up in the story to discover any geographical disparities.

Source: Netflix UK & Ireland/Twitter