Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for You season 4The Eat the Rich killer has actually been exposed in You season 4, and the star is speaking up about the function. A mental thriller checking out the life of serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who moonlights as a book shop supervisor, You has actually gotten recognition for its representation of a dark and monstrous lead character. Yet in season 4, another killer enters into the image who has actually been torturing Joe and eliminating along the method.

Targeting a rich group of buddies, the Eat the Rich killer is a strange element of the very first half of You season 4, prior to he is ultimately exposed to be none aside from Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers). While Joe is done killing, the Eat the Rich killer isn’t made with him and drags him right back to the scene. Rhys’ star, Speleers, speaks up about the function in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he discusses Rhys’ inspirations and his own part in establishing the character. Check out his quote below:

“But what fans really want to know is what drives Rhys. And based on how the first half of season 4 ended, it’s safe to say he’s willing to take out anyone who gets in his way. He is driven by success. He is really driven by wanting a second chance for himself. This is one of the joys of when you’re fortunate enough to do this sort of work. You get to be in on it. And with a show that is so universally loved, you are gonna be part of keeping that secret and keeping it under wraps. It was a lot of fun to be part of that.”

What Makes The Eat The Rich Killer So Engaging?

Joe Goldberg reading a book in You

While Joe might have relocated to Europe to begin a brand-new life for himself far from his old fixations at the start of You season 4, they have a practice of dragging him right back in. Despite befriending Rhys in an entirely normal and non-murderous setting, Joe handles to discover himself required back into the life of a killer. It’s part of what makes Rhys such a fascinating bad guy, as Joe’s brand-new You season 4 stalker puts the character in a totally various position.

Instead of being the hunter, Joe is now the hunted, which plays into his function of determining his brand-new location worldwide. Not just is he being stalked, however his life remains in threat as he takes on versus his expected buddy. With Rhys trying to end up being the mayor by framing Joe, the previous serial killer now requires to enact the hero in order to avoid Rhys from eliminating much more individuals in the back half of You season 4.

You typically functions as a program that spoofs the world of the abundant, which is why it can be so interesting to have a killer particularly target the abundant and effective while trying to get more power for himself. With Badgley hinting that You will just have another season, the Eat the Rich Killer functions as a fascinating penultimate risk for the program, as he functions as a direct foil forJoe However Joe handles to remove Rhys in the 2nd part of You season 4, it will enormously alter the scope of the program.

Source: EW