A Young Sheldon season 1 behind-the-scenes image stresses just how much Sheldon Cooper has actually grown in The Big Bang Theory spin-off over the last 6 years. After an effective years on the air, CBS greenlit the very first The Big Bang Theory spin-off in an effort to take advantage of the comedy’s appeal. Being its informal lead, the network chose to focus the prequel on Sheldon, with the program functioning as the character’s origin story.

Iain Armitage, who plays the titular character, shares a Young Sheldon season 1 throwback image demonstrating how much he, as Sheldon Cooper, has actually grown. Check out the image below:

As Armitage composes in the caption, this was taken prior to his really first take as the character, where the character was still in high school. In Young Sheldon season 6, Sheldon is currently in college at East Texas Tech, although in spite of his intelligence, things have not been excellent with his experience as part of the scholastic company recently.

What’s Sheldon’s Growth Spurt Means For Young Sheldon

Sheldon looking concerned in the Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale

Now in season 6, Sheldon and his household have actually gone through a lot in the last couple of years. In Young Sheldon‘s storytelling, nevertheless, just 3-4 years have actually passed. As such, a 14-year-old Armitage is now playing a 12-year-old Sheldon in season 6, in spite of the program beginning with both being 9 years of ages.

Considering the prequel nature o f Young Sheldon, it, sadly, has a pre-determined end set byThe Big Bang Theory But since of its appeal, CBS is inclined on decreasing its rate in order to extend its time on the air. Sadly, they will not have the ability to do it for a lot longer thinking about Armitage’s development spurt that makes it tough to provide him as a 12-year-old young boy offered just how much he has actually physically grown.

Young Sheldon tips that George’s death is close, too, which is another reason that CBS has actually been decreasing its prequel storytelling. While The Big Bang Theory prequel can continue beyond the loss of the Cooper patriarch, it will substantially alter the tone of the program. It might even spell completion of it. In the meantime, audiences can stay up to date with brand-new episodes of Young Sheldon season 6 airing Thursdays on CBS.

Source: Iain Armitage/Twitter