Paige is back, and she might have established a drinking routine according to a brand-new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 13 trailer. Sheldon Cooper’s fellow youth protégé go back to The Big Bang Theory prequel following a more severe last look where she tried to flee from house after feeling stressed. While Paige was eventually reunited with her household, it does not look like there have actually been any enhancements in her circumstance as she appears to be more defiant than ever.

In a brand-new Young Sheldon season 6 episode 13 trailer (through TELEVISION Promos), Sheldon reunites with Paige at East Texas Tech where the kid genius discovers her drinking and partying up with much older university student. Watch the clip below:

Paige’s Young Sheldon season 6 return had actually formerly been ruined back in December 2022. McKenna Grace and Iain Armitage shared a behind-the-scenes picture of them throughout the recording break. But the trailer is the very first main take a look at the returning character.

What To Expect From Paige’s Next Young Sheldon Appearance

Sheldon and Paige in Sheldon's dorm room

When Paige was presented, she was much better changed thanSheldon She had pals and fully-developed social abilities. Her modification in disposition originated from her moms and dads dividing which she blamed herself for. Since then, she has actually remained in a defiant stage, trying to shoplift with Missy and producing a racket throughout Sunday School, all in an effort to mask her unhappiness. But when she reappeared in Young Sheldon‘s 100th episode, it was the very first time that she confessed that she has actually been having a hard time both with her individual and scholastic life.

There was hope that after Paige relatively reached all-time low, she would lastly have the ability to get the appropriate assistance and assistance that she requires. Sadly, that does not appear to be the case as shown by the Young Sheldon season 6 episode 13 trailer. It looks like if she is back in her defiant streak, even beginning to consume at college celebrations regardless of her being considerably more youthful than everybody else. Sheldon will likely be roped into her shenanigans, and it wonders how the kid genius will respond, specifically given that he’s currently in an extreme dispute with East Texas Tech.

Since a more full-grown Sheldon did the best thing the last time Paige tried to do something unsafe, it’s possible that he as soon as again looks for the assistance of Missy and Mary to handle the circumstance. Perhaps, Sheldon might likewise hire Paige to aid with her grant database job simply to provide her a function that she can really appreciate. Seeing the once-competitors work together in Young Sheldon season 6 would be appealing thinking about Sheldon’s opposition to such things in The Big Bang Theory.

Source: CBS (through TELEVISION Promos)