Raegan Revord validates that Young Sheldon season 6 episode 13 did include a Friends Easter egg. Aside from being the number 1 funnies of their particular times, there’s truly no connection in between Young Sheldon andFriends Yet, in some way, CBS had the ability to slip in an enjoyable referral to the renowned ensemble comedy of the ’90s and early 2000s in the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory prequel.

As validated by Revord on her authorities Instagram account, Paige’s night of heavy drinking ended with her tossing up in the water fountain notoriously included in the Friends‘ opening credits at the tail end of Young Sheldon season 6 episode 13. Check out a screenshot of the star’s post below:

Young Sheldon Season 6 episode 13 post from Raegan Revord

For context, in the Young Sheldon episode “A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters,” Sheldon mistakenly encounters Paige, who is slipping in and out of college celebrations. In his effort to watch on her, the young boy genius likewise run into his sibling, who is doing something comparable. In completion, the Cooper twins are required to look after a still-troubled Paige.

How The Friends Fountain Ended Up In Young Sheldon

Friends opening fountain

As formerly pointed out, there are no narrative ties in between Young Sheldon andFriends Despite being both funnies, the programs take on extremely various subjects; as it breaks away from The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon has actually ended up being a household series, while Friends checks out early the adult years. They likewise happen in various states, with Sheldon investing his youth with his household in Texas while Monica, Chandler, and the rest of their gang are all based in New York.

However, both programs are produced byWarner Bros Television. This implies that Friends was recorded in the exact same production lot that Young Sheldon is now shooting in, thus why The Big Bang Theory prequel has access to stated water fountain. It does not appear like there’s any narrative significance to this Easter egg. Considering the reality that Friends premiered in 1994, and Young Sheldo n is presently in 1993, there’s no other way that Sheldon or any of his household would acknowledge the landmark– a minimum of not yet.

While it does not have any links to Young Sheldon, Friends has ties to The Big Bang Theory, with both Sheldon and Joey sharing an odd characteristic– their fondness for having an area. Aside from that, they are likewise frequently compared due to their resemblances, although there does not appear to be any competitors in between them. In reality, numerous The Big Bang Theory stars have actually even proposed a reunion formatted after Friends‘ current HBO Max unique.

Source: Raegan Revord/Instagram